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Allison Westfahl Gaiam spokesperson


Creativity is an essential part of fitness for me. I love sharing ideas and concepts through written word, video, and original fitness formats. I hope you'll share your creations with me as well!

Allison Westfahl behind the camera
Allison Westfahl voice over talent
Allison Westfahl group fitness instructor
Core Envy book by Allison Westfahl
Tom Danielson's Core Advantage by Allison Westfahl
Oxygen Magazine article featuring Allison Westfahl
Club Industry article featuring Allison Westfahl


  • Author, Core Envy: a 3-Step Guide to a Strong, Sexy Core. VeloPress, 2015.

  • Co-author, Tom Danielson's Core Advantage. VeloPress, 2013.

  • Authored over 20 articles about health and fitness for on-line publications.

  • Featured in "New Abs" by Oxygen magazine, June 2016.

  • Author of "The Cupid's Arrow of Programming" featured in Club Solutions magazine. 


  • On-camera talent and/or choreography consultant for 6 fitness videos produced by Gaiam media. 

  • On-camera and/or voice-over spokesperson for over 200 fitness and yoga products

  • Created and starred in Core Envy video series produced by VeloPress

  • On-camera strength training expert for FastTalk Labs

  • Creator, talent, producer for on-demand video series for SculptXV, as well as YouTube channel

Allison Westfahl behind the camera
Allison Westfahl creator of SculptXV workout

Creator of popular group fitness strength training format called SculptXV. 

  • #1 most popular format at every gym/studio where it has been offered. 

  • ACE-approved teacher training program

  • Available in-studio on online. 

  • Get all the details at

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